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Sri Lanka being one of the most fascinating and wonderful places to be at in the world is also one of the most visited places in the world by tourists around the world. Well known for its sunny beaches and exotic food and diverse cultures, it is truly a wonder that amazes people the world over. There are many interesting things about Sri Lanka and one of it is the strong influence of Buddhism in the country. After having battling it out with many other religions in the country for over centuries, it still remains as one of the most loved and cherished faiths in the nation. Most people travel to Sri Lanka by flights because there are fewer options available. Also, once you are in the country then you will have to travel a lot by land because there are no internal flights. As such their road transport is good and reliable.

Like every place, there is a best time to travel for Sri Lanka as well. Let us take a look at the overview of the Sri Lanka weather. In general, Sri Lanka is at 6 to 10 of the North Latitude and also 80 to 82 of the East Longitude. It has a maximum length of 432 km which covers Devundara to Point Peduru and Maximum Breadth 224 km which covers Colombo to Sangamankanda. The total Land Area is about 65,525 Sq. km. according to the latest statistics and the Area Excluding the Inland Water is at about 62,336 Sq. km. Most of the hills that the country has to its name are towards the center and also the south of Center. In general, Sri Lanka is a pretty warm country. The hills and the low lying areas that are hot and humid are not very far away from one another, lying at about a few hours apart from one another.

Now we move on to the temperature of the country. The climate of the country is divided into the regions. In general, towards the coast the temperatures are at about 26.7 C and in the country side it lies at about 19.7 C. The capital of the country has weather that ranges from about 26.4 C to about 27.8 C. Humidity in Sri Lanka is at about 70 degrees during the day and at about 90 degrees in the night. So in general, you could assume that the average temperatures are warm and pleasant in the low lying areas with the highest being 27ºC and in the hills though, temperatures lay at about 16ºC. So accordingly you could plan your travel. So if you want to enjoy a good time with cool weather then better make way to the hills and mountains of Sri Lanka but if you want to soak it up then look for the summer months in the low lying areas, especially the coast. You might want to avoid mid May to July though if you do not like the rains. But then again, if you are planning to travel through December and January, then also you must know that the rains are pretty heavy during those months.

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