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The small island nation of Sri Lanka is one of the most interesting countries around the world. There are many interesting aspects and elements that make this wonderful nation.  Although, there are large sections of the country that have grown into what fits the modern definitions of development and progress, however, it is a well known fact that Sri Lanka has managed to stay true to its ancient roots. The overall culture of the country is heavily influenced by the religious texts that are in existence. It is a deeply Buddhist country but at the same time it is constitutionally secular. The country has long standing traditions of fine arts that expands into music, dance, paintings, portraits, and other kinds in the category. Its sports, food and celebrations all through the year have made it one of the most remarkable countries that exist. A lot of researchers have found that are many resemblances of Sri Lankan culture with South Indian culture in many ways.

The cultural diversity of Sri Lanka is also reflected in what they inherited from the British, the Dutch, and the Portuguese. Their influence has touched the literature, the music, the lifestyle, the attitudes, the administration and also the life of people in general. All of this had begun to take shape during the colonization period a long time ago. People are big foodies and also, just like India, they are big fans of sports and in particular, of cricket. They are also a country that is deeply spiritual and there are many ashrams that specialise in yoga and ayurveda. This is another aspect that has parallels with south India and its culture. It is amazing how much of diversity you would find despite the fact that it is such as small nation. One of the fields in which you would notice the magnificence of the culture of this country is in its architecture. Having had strong influences from Buddhism, there are several Buddhist monuments and then there the stupas which are sprawled all over the nation. However, the architecture of the country is also a depiction of the European and East Asian influences.

The mark of a great culture is also known by the greatness of its music and musicians. The classical music of Sri Lanka also has drawn much from Buddhism. Both the eastern classical and the western classical singers and music have had influence from the Portuguese and the ancient Buddhists. When the Portuguese went to Sri Lanka, they took with them several instruments which would later be of great contribution to the musical heritage of the country. Among some of the important musical instruments include the cantiga ballads, the ukulele, the guitar and so on and so forth. There were many African slaves at the time that were deported to Sri Lanka but their presence here had only left an indelible mark to the music of the nation. But if we are talking about some of the more traditional and indigenous instruments then they will include Kandyan. They are a set of drums that are used for dancing events.

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