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Sri Lanka is one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries in the world and there are many tourists who visit this magnificent place all through the year. Like India, it is renowned to be one of the deeply religious as well as secular countries in the world. And while there are many Hindus, there is a significant number of Buddhists as well. There are several monuments that have become some of the landmark symbols of Buddhist life and tradition in the country. We will examine some of the important Buddhist monuments in Sri Lanka as follows.

Anuradhapura is one of the monuments that stand towards the north of the country. Given that it is such as small country, to be more specific, people often say that it is at the northern center of the nation. It is not only one of the most interesting religious sites but also one of the most remarkable historical sites. One of the most amazing things that you will notice when you are here is the ruins of the great monastery of Mahavihara.  It was laid there many years ago in 250 BCE in the further country side of the ancient capital of Sri Lanka. For many people a journey here means a pilgrimage. This is because the monument by itself is linked to a pilgrim’s path and leads up to Mihintale. That is one of the most sacred spots to the Buddhists because it was the place where Mahinda first preached about Buddhism and also where a stupa was laid.

Polonnaruwa on the other hand is a monument that came to being much later. It is beautifully located in the lake of Topawewa. It is one of the most beautiful and breath taking settings of Buddhism that one can witness in his lifetime. Some of the key features of this monument include the 25-foot rock-cut figure of Ananda. Also there is a statue of the Buddha himself which is a formidable sight. There are many other interesting features of this place and one of things that you might find interesting is a painting of the king Parakramabahu who is deeply engrossed in a manuscript and in the backdrop is the lake that has remained pristine over the centuries that time has passed by.

Some of the monuments that were constructed in Sri Lanka as a result of the influence of Buddhism are known as stupas. There are several of them that you will find sprawled all over the country. Thuparama dagaba is one of the most impressive stupas that one can see in the country. It has an interesting story as well. It was constructed in order to enshrine the collar bone of Lord Buddha which was to his right. This is often deemed to be the first stupa that was ever built in the country. Over the years it has undergone many changes to take the shape that it now embodies. It is more than just a religious and a historical structure but it is also one of the places where believers would reside. Evidence is seen in the ruins of the various complexes that exist there.

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