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Buddhism in Srilanka

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One of the closest countries that lie to India, Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful and exotic island countries in the world. With all of the many struggles that it has braved in the past couple of years, it makes it even more of an interesting place to be at. Just like India, it is one of the most diverse countries in the world in so many ways and there is diversity in terms of so much. While a lot of the culture and traditions are closer to what India has in the south, it is still unique and distinct in its own way. Also, in terms of religion it is one of the most secular countries that exist. The focus of this article will be to outline some of the key features of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It has taken decades and centuries for the religion to have evolved into what is now known as Buddhism.

There are many stories and legends as to how Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka. Most of the documents say that it was about the 4th century that the renowned Mahinda who was the son of the Emperor Asoka, who was the reason behind it. At the time Sri Lanka was being ruled by Devanampiya Tissa. There is a beautiful story as to how the seeds of the religion were laid down in the country. A sapling of the Bodhi Tree was taken to Sri Lanka and also, several monasteries were started which were mostly funded by the generous king. Most of the writings of the Buddhist scriptures were written in the Pali Canon. This was a paradigm shift which moved from the oral tradition to the written scripts. This was a movement that began towards the 30 Century BCE. Among all of the nations that are majorly Buddhist, historians say that Si Lanka has one of the long standing traditions that have been left unbroken and undeterred. Ever since its inception in the 4th century, it has been growing and gaining more and more prominence.

Although there were times when things were not so good, the nation managed to revive the Buddhist tradition under the influence of Mahayana and also by maintaining bilateral relations with countries such as Myanmar, Thailand and so on and so forth. This period of decline did not last for very long. Even when the British arrived and brought Christianity with them, there were conversions that were happening at the time, of course, but then again, there were recurring revival waves that have kept Buddhism alive in the country. Today it stands strong after about 2600 years of giving people wisdom, hope, enlightenment and knowledge. There are many Buddhist monuments that have been laid all over the country as humble reminders of the works of Gautama Buddha and also Asoka the Great. It is an increasingly intriguing concept to the westerners especially those who are critics of Christianity and the incongruities within the religion. The youth from all over the world are also fascinated by this religion that is founded on respect and love for self and the other.

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